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Information with Heart

The board-certified and fellowship-trained cardiologists, who practice at Pediatric Cardiology Consultants with five offices around Central Florida, keep their fingers on the pulse of child heart health.

Explore, read or listen to the latest developments in pediatric heart care by clicking on the links below.

Dr. Trivedi Publishes Innovative Infant Case Study

Dr. Trivedi recently published an article titled “Fluoroless Cather Ablation in an Infant with Congenital Heart Disease.” This is the first time an article of this caliber has been published and we are so thrilled that Dr. Trivedi's case study was included in this pioneering publication that is focused on one of the fastest growing specialities in cardiology, electrophysiology. Read more about this publication and Dr. Trivedi's case study here!

Dr. Garcia On Congenital Heart Disease With Fox35

Dr. Jorge Garcia was recently featured on Orlando’s Fox 35 in a special segment called Healthy Living House Calls. He discussed pediatric heart conditions present at birth, known as congenital heart disease or congenital heart defects, with Good Day Orlando’s Amy Kaufeldt. Watch the segment and read more here.

Dr. Trivedi Featured on Healthy Living Housecalls

Dr. Bhavya Trivedi, board-certified pediatric cardiologist, was recently featured on FOX 35's Healthy Living House Calls to discuss what symptoms parents can look for to help spot heart conditions early on. Watch the video clip to learn more.