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Treatments & Procedures

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Treatments & Procedures We Offer
As experts in diagnosing congenital, acquired and electrophysiological disorders of young patients’ hearts, the board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatric cardiologists are able to prescribe and perform an array of specialized treatments and procedures. After the initial consultation and the prescribed diagnostic tests are performed, the results will either lead to a diagnosis of a specific heart condition or require further testing. Once a definitive diagnosis is reached, treatment is instituted whether it is medical, interventional or surgical.

The pediatric cardiology treatments and procedures available are as follows:

  • Medical
  • Interventional
  • Electrical
  • Surgical

The pediatric cardiologists can perform the following:

If you would like to learn more about the array of pediatric heart treatments and procedures able to be treated at the five Central Florida locations of Pediatric Cardiology Consultants, call 800.289.3883.