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Patient Comments about Bhavya Trivedi, MD, PhD

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The following patient comments were sourced from as a follow-up to patient care received at Pediatric Cardiology Consultants from Dr. Bhavya Trivedi board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatric cardiologist specializing in electrophysiology and arrhythmias.

A wonderful specialist.

Dr. Trivedi always puts us at ease as he delivers news about our child's condition. He is very thorough and takes the time to talk with us about our concerns and treatment of our child.

Last year after recently moving to Florida, I was referred to Pediatric Cardiology Consultants as a new patient to Dr. Matt Zussman. I came to see him for an evaluation of a rare form of congenital heart defect I have had since birth. I think he was more excited to hear about my case being so rare. Dr. Zussman went over every detail and answered all my questions in depth. He planned a heart catheterization study last fall to evaluate and asses my condition prior to going forward for a planned heart surgery sometime in the future. He explained the diagnosis very well with a good outlook and told me what I can expect in the future. Dr. Zussman also had Dr. Bhavya Trivedi consult on my condition that lead to a second catheterization study which involved mapping the electrical activity of the heart that played a critical component for my diagnosis. Dr. Trivedi was very reassuring and was able to correct the issue by performing an ablation for the treatment of my arrhythmia. I am now moving forward for a final two stage surgery with an exceptional surgeon with heart. I cannot express my gratitude to these two doctors who both made such a difference in my life in the short time that I have known them.